Monday, July 5, 2010

We Are Still Humans

The topic was written inspired by another blogarticle written of Neha Wasnik and she is a moderator of our group on FB, Get Your Blog Followers. 

We are not numbers online, no we are still humans and we still need to communicate successfully to other networkers to achieve results in our marketing online, that´s for sure.

Many newbies thinks that it is enough to submit their sites on traffic exchanges and then just surf on, but along the way with more experience online you will see that you need to communicate in an efficient way on social communities as well and not only that!

The main way of successful online marketing is when you communicate personally to someone else!

Shocking truth?

Efficient marketing online, win-win, friends helping friends and if you give others what they need, you will get what you want!

Some clear expressions to show you the ethical way in online marketing and business.

We are still humans in the computer age and that is important to express in letters to show that not all the old ways and thinking are gone but useful even today.We can still learn of history and we can still have respect of the elders with their wisdom, believe me!

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