Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Are You Renewed?

I am renewed in my thinking.My blog isn´t for those who sit down and believe that they know everything about online business.

Forget that!

This blog is for those who believe that they can learn something of value by reading it and start to practise what I am talking about.
I haven´t ever been forced to hold on to only the traditional way of internet marketing even if I use the tools from this that works but I am a creative marketer because of the discovering that if I find a new method that works, if I can extend my portfolio with fundshares which I have done, for example, then I am doing that!

What is this?

You can copy what any guru is doing online and completely fail...


You can learn from others by experience but if you try to clone it, you won´t succeed, cause you have to find your own way through it all!

And it is better for you to find one serious opportunity of great quality than seven other shorttimers that crash after only a couple of months.

Don´t change everything about your way of thinking online, but be open for new creative ways of making money and be open for development on your own business!  


S7 Computer Solutions said...

By following your own path will you find "your" success.

Great Post

Mattias Kroon said...

You got it S7!

Thanks for your constructive comment!

Jan Verhoeff said...

Often the more active your thought process is, about making money online, the less productive you'll be. Setting up your own program and promoting it well means more profit for you, and more constructive participation from others. I've noticed the ugliest sites, the least attractive programs get the most attention, because the owners are too busy promoting to worry about how ugly or unattractive their sites are. They just promote the life into them.

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Jan!

I disagree with you.Of course is education important and of course, your site can´t be ugly to others.
I am not failing in my efforts.I have seen enough to know you are wrong.