Friday, August 27, 2010

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Education, read it again......

Education, read it again....let it sink in.

If you want to earn more money you need education.If you want to find better opportunities you will need education.

What associations do you get for a specific word? Good or bad vibrations?

For many people around the globe it is total freedom to be able to place their kids in a school for the first time.In the western world many young students complain for having bad food at the plate in their school! What a cynical difference!

As I have written in a former post, continents like Africa are rising today and India gets more and more internetusers for every day.What do you think about that? Do you care about the third world? Are you interested in the development of the environment today? You should be, cause we have to save our planet....

More business opportunities should be founded around this and more investments should start to focus on Africa.I mean, real investments and not scams, we have seen too many of them.The future of internet business depends on educated and honest admins, that is crucial.
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And where is the continuation of Genius Funds? An excellent opportunity which were connected to some strong bond funds.


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Bhavna said...

i believe its just not education; its also money that is important for the global change; loved to read your blog. If you have time do visit my blog too

Bhavna said...

will surely come back for more

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks for your input Bhavna.Of course do the rich people have to share of their overflow in an ethical way.

I will visit your blog:)