Monday, August 23, 2010

Blog Followers

As our weekly contest goes on from week to week in Get Your Blog Followers we get new winners and the winner last week was Bob Scotney.You can visit Bob´s Home For Writing  now and make sure you click on his followerlink to follow him.You know, this is what it´s all about, to create communication with others and get both followers and regular readers as well.

We have many talented bloggers in our group and I have recieved a lot of feedback about the need for a service like ours.If your followers are increasing then your circle of readers will increase as well and you will find it more encouraging and fun to blog overall.If you earlier had hard to write several posts a week, it will be more easy to find your motivation with excited readers hungry and thirsty for your next blogpost.

So, YOU are the talented blogger finding motivation and excitement for the next story, sportnews, bookreview, businessreport or whatever you are updating your circle of readers on.

If you don´t have so many followers yet, be patient! I was in the same situation as you a year ago, but saw this way as the solution.

Be constructive!

Don´t let anyone take the joy to write from you but find excitement and do some research as well for your next well written post.

Thank you for your time!


Marie Carine Joseph said...

i have only 3 followeers how do you ge more

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Marie Carine!

I would recommend you to join our group on Facebook, here is the link again,

When you have joined you can post on the wall there.Introduce yourself to the others and share your bloglink with us.Many bloggers have increased their followers since they joined our group there.

Bhavna said...

hey mattias, liked your post regarding the bossing stuff, tell me how many employees work under you. how do you get the work done? I would surely love to discuss about it in details, it will surely help me out btw i m working in the HR dept of one multinational company in Dubai