Thursday, August 5, 2010


The traffic to our sites or blogs is very crucial of course.

I use to have many different sites to market so I need traffic to them all.Well, what you need is targeting traffic.

One way to get traffic to your blog is by getting followers to your blog,

Get Your Blog Followers!

To keep you updated on what´s going on within our group I will share my latest broadcast to the members there, and you!

Take the time to join our network there to be able to reach more followers, readers and customers!

 Starting from today we will have a weekly contest which will goes as follows.

You will have to figure out which well known person I am thinking about, now living or well known in the past.I will give you the initials of he/she and you will have to post the answer on the wall of our group asap.

I will start today Thursday and notice who make the right guess and when you share who you think it is, you have to share your bloglink after the answer as well so other bloggers can follow you.Every new Thursday there will be a new buddy for you to figure out:)

The first blogger who has answered correctly or who I consider to be most near the answer will be recogniced in my first blogpost the coming week, on Monday.One well known person who has been mentioned earlier can exist in a later contest.

When you are answering, take your time to follow others blogs and comment on their blogs as well.

So........tadatada...let the race begin!!

The initial of this week´s well known artist, actor, author, politician, religious leader or with other profession (notice a real person) now living or dead has the following initials: "A.L"

Good luck!

Founder of GYBF  


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Mattias Kroon said...

Hi movie download!

You are welcome.You have a good idea for your blog there.Maybe you should add some reviews.