Saturday, August 21, 2010

Development For Poor Countries

I saw a program on the swedish television about investments in Africa.It was very interesting.Investments there will help the poor people and help rising a continent from poverty to a more reasonable standard.

Those investments should also be based on a thinking which develops the environment in the right direction with necessary products.The U.S Fund which you can view there amongst my opportunities there called HSBC Global Asset Management.They are investing in many different countries where they can see a clear potential market for growth.They have relationships with corporates, institutions and financial intermediaries of all sizes and types.One continent where they are investing in is Africa.

Many experts amongst investors believe that Africa will be the next continent where investors will start to invest in many projects and the meaning and purpose with this should be ethical, to create a win-win situation where we can help those poor people to rise from poverty to better education and working opportunities as well.

We haven´t seen so many fund companies begin to invest as much yet as I assume they will be in Africa, but changes come step by step, aren´t they?

What do you think? What are your approach to those questions?

My belief is that we can combine investing with an ethical thinking this way.


Gord said...

Interesting article Mattias and this is indeed happening and worth looking at. Africa is of course know for it's vast Gold deposits but will be explored further I'm sure, as non renewable resources become depleted. Exploration and funding from major companies stimulate jobs and in turn the economy.

An Airline I am associated with that has an associated fund has invested in a regional airline in Uruguay, South America where management has done some research and seen air travel on the increase untapped market they call it. Just the beginning as Companies look at undeveloped Countries.

Mattias Kroon said...

I agree Gord and of course as the purpose of all business, a good return must come back to the investors as they also benefit the undeveloped countries by stimulating jobs, for example.

Tom Gores said...

For me, poor countries should help themselves and don't rely too much on donations from First World countries

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Tom!

The aim for the donations should be to encourage them to develop their countries.