Sunday, August 1, 2010


If I would mention how many times I have experienced attacks from bad people, tricks from scamartists, several tries of emailphishing and fraud, if I would mention lies that needs to be disclosed and other disgusting things when it comes to my online experiences the list would be very long of course.

But if I see it from the bright side and am thankful for all the articles and fun stuff that lightens up the day, if I would mention good business people that have lighten up the business mind, if I would mention all the skills that I have learnt, then I get the whole picture of my experiences where some are good, other are bad.

There will always be networkers that wants to hurt other people on the net, there will always be those scamartists and those who don´t want to listen to you when you actually have something great to say.Your task is to find those who are more wise to learn from you and who can learn something smart to you as well.

If you expect others to be perfect, are you perfect yourself?

How many millionaires have you met online? 

Of all those who claim that you can earn those millions fast I can assure you that at least 90% of them are scamartists who wants to hide the light for you.But on the other side, and this is so crucial and always important to you that you have to take this knowledge with you, if an honest marketer describes the reality of online marketing and gives you the true message that it requires patience, knowledge, some internet skills and some money to build your business online, who do you prefer to listen to?

I would give the suggestion never to register if they are claiming those unreal amount of money you almost are guaranteed to make in their campaigns and advertising to you, but only register after a well done research to find the better and more serious opportunities out there.

You can make money, but you have to follow this agenda, believe me, to find the "goldmines"!


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