Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In Time And Space

Who are you? Are you a deep person or do you have a surfacementality? We are all different persons and we need to see that.

Do you have the mentality of the herd? Have you got the guts to stick with your opinions even if you know that you have to pay a price for them.It takes some guts to stick with old, proven values in the life when a lot of people chose the "easy and wide road" scared of getting in conflicts with others.

Well, that is a price to pay if you want to stick with your heart´s ideology.

The most impressive scientists and thinkers in world history have always had a measure of courage to stand strong even if the wind blows hard around.It takes some courage, but it is well worth it.
You can´t please everyone but you can build friendships with friends of character and you can win good favour with them.

It is a pleasant feeling when payday is arriving.It is even more pleasant the day you will be rewarded for standing strong and firm even if strange winds are blowing in another direction.

This sounds bold, but have the guts to be a historymaker in time and space! 


Digital Asset Management said...

Time is precious and space is vacum its a nice and attractive combination...
Thank you for the post..

Mattias Kroon said...

Thank you DAM!

I am glad if it was valuable for you.

Dragonfire said...

Great Post. The people who write, and stand to their convictions or writings, eventually your voices will be heard by some if not all one day :)

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Dragonfire!

Very encouraging.Yes, hold on to your conviction and you will be rewarded.