Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Learn To Bless

Do you believe that you can change things and situations with what you are saying? Have you ever turned a bad day to a good one?

What we are saying is of very much importance and I have to confess, sometimes when I get annoyed on someone who is making any harm to me, then I know I have to rise from this and begin to think positive again.

And in fact, you can´t afford losing too much energy getting angry over bad people in this world.You have to find your way out of it and stick with the good people!

Think positive, build up your inner energy again and forget those who might have done mean things to you.We should focus on those who always have a kind attitude towards us, but also be honest back.

Learn to remember the good things in life, remember those who said something positive and who encouraged you in your work, whether it is an online or offline work you have.Put your energy and focus on constructive things, on sound habits and always try to improve yourself from day to day, knowing that you don´t have to put too much pressure on yourself even if you know that you need to have quality in your life.

Learn to bless others and you will be blessed back!

Thank you for your time!


dj Goddessa of Funk Sanctum Radio said...

thank you and bless you!

Mattias Kroon said...

Bless YOU Goddessa!

Have a nice day!

barricuda said...

I do believe what you say can effect someones day/week in a positive or negative way. In fact, if you don't believe that your ignorant.

now i would like to hear you define "bless" I don't believe in god. and I don't believe this term ("god bless you") is in any way shape or form positive other than when someone sneezes.

also, the game.

Mattias Kroon said...

To bless for you barricuda should be to see something valuable in another person´s life and express it obvious.

Sam H. said...

You are quite right, as we mustn't spend time on people who make us angry, as if we do so, we will always be in struggle with them, because there are so many people in the world that can make us angry.
So forget them and "as you mentioned" hang up with good people.

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Sam!

It is obvious that you are amongst those who are making me glad instead:) Thanks for stopping by.