Monday, August 2, 2010

Moving The Moon

If you have seen my poetrypage you have read some of my stuff there and today I want to share a poem on the free verse:

Moving The Moon

When the evening comes
in its initial stage
You become eager to show who you actually are
You want to move the moon

The sun may be impressive, the true ruler of universe
Your sunglasses are gone, your smile making miracles
Fill your cup of tea, fill your heart with bright emotions
Moving the moon again

The stars are dancing around the universe
And you are watching a new face in the mirror
You thought everything was gone, but it´s moving again
It is possible to move the moon again

It is your time of year
It is you that can do this, I am sure
You have to see the whole puzzle
The moon is moving and you will see the sun again! 

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