Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Power Of Duplication

Are you here?

Good.Here are some info on the opportunities I am an affiliate for.  has exactly the same script as the former 10DollarsWonder and Carrie is the admin.It took off with a good start and has 140 members now.

How does it work?

You purchase positions 10 dollar each with a small service fee of 1.65 dollar through AlertPay.You get credits towards your advertising and then your positions will start to cycle depending on other members purchasings in the system.I have bought one position and it has cycled 4 times on two days.When I have reached 10 dollars I can either withdraw them or repurchase another position.All your positions can then cycle as there are purchasings in the system.

Read about GrandBankClub here:

GrandBankClub is a Club where members can enter a
lucrative European based Board Game that has not officially
launched in North America.

It will be called The GBC Game for my purposes in updating
and describing what the board game is all about.

Below is the Pay Chart as Club members advance through the boards with notes and "pointers" below.

 Board  Gross Pay       Virtual *   A/S **  MAA  Net Pay
     40         65          40    0     0     25
     75        115          40   40     0     75
    150        230          40   40     0    190
    300        460          40   40    20     400
    600        910          75   75    45     790
   1200       1220         150   150    30    1040
   3000       4560         300   300   300    3960
   6000       6120         600   600   300    5220


Gross Pay is the dollar amount a Club Member earns when
advancing from a Board. For example...moving from the
40 board up to the 75 board

Net Pay on the far right column is the funds that will paid
to Club Members after a deduction for a "Virtual *" position
providing a member with an extra postion plus doubling your potential income. These Virtual positions earn as per the
Pay Chart above.

Virtual * Position highlighted in red is auto paid for with each
Board a member progresses through and assists in moving
your intial position around the boards plus duplicates your
earnings. The Virtual pays the same as your original position
as per the pay chart.

I look at this position as a "clone". The more you have on these
boards the more money you make, you advance quicker and has
a huge advantage when getting into the higher paying boards.

AutoSupply or A/S ** is another "free" position placed for
you on the Board by the company. Advancing off the 75 board a
member gains a "Virtual*" and an "A/S**". Two you
pay for automatically and the other a "gift" from the company.

MAA is a bonus plan by the Board Game Management that
awards a position with points which are accumulated and
can be used when this European Board Game officially
launches. Buying additional positions with these points
is one perk that I am aware of at this time

The GBC Strategy Chart


#1  Get into profit with a 40 Board Purchase

#2  Gain as many positions as possible. This mutiplies
      your positions, clones (Virtuals and Autosupplies
      and most important...your Pay!

#3  Look at the big picture. expand your vision. By gaining
      multiple positions with the Strategy Chart below, which
      also applies to "Clone" positions, a member is increasing
      income by duplication. All in a big "push" within the Club
      to move members around and up through the Boards.

      Example: Bubba leaves the 75 Board and enters into
                         the 150 Board. Including his pay, he has
                         accumulated two virtuals plus an autosupply
                         ...creating 3 additional positions each
                         duplicating or cloning his original position
                         and each "earning" as per the Strategy Chart

Progression of a single 40 Board position

 Board   Gross Earning Virtuals
 Net/Actual Payout  Strategy Purchase  Profit Accumulated
 40  65  40  $25  0  $25     $25
 75  115  40  $75  (1) 40 Board
 $32.37     $57.37
 150  230  40  $190  (2)40 Board
 $104.74     $164.74
 300  460  40  $420  (4) 40 Board
 $249.48     $414.22
 600  910  75  $525  (6) 40

It´s all about duplication and reinvest.If you have further questions on this system which can be a bit complicated in the first sight but easy to understand when you get the whole picture of it, just send your questions to me, you can find my mailadress on the contactpage. 


Gord said...

Hi Mattias,

Excellent article as usual where your showing how duplication works. Thanks for displaying the GBC Game charts from GrandBankClub and how members can get into a growing profit through the Boards

Mattias Kroon said...

Your welcome Gord! Thanks for your input.