Monday, August 30, 2010

Smile To The People

The winner of our weekly contest in the group was ......


David W.Robinson!

You can view his blog here, it is called As I see it 
David is blogging about differences in peoples behaviour depending on where they come from.He is not much for political correctness(neither am I) and he is blogging about other general things in life.Take it for what it is, he is funny!

As He see it!

The next contest will be on Thursday this week, so be with us!

Get Your Blog Followers!

It has been a while ago since I wrote about some positive words and expression so now it is time again:

1.Sure you can do it
2.Don´t complain too much!
3.Criticism should be constructive
4.Smile to the people
8.Smooth tactics
9.Treat others well
10.Kindness and gratitude

This could be the content in a new poem but I won´t write it now.I like surprises and those expressions might have come as surprises to you even if I have expressed other positive puzzles before....

You should always expect the best, you should always hug others, in thought or physical.You should always be ready for a good answer.

I am Mattias from Sweden!

Thank you for your time.  

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