Monday, August 16, 2010

Stay Tuned

As promised.The winner of the weekly contest is featured in my blogpost today and the next contest will start on Thursday this week.

Stay tuned and ready on the wall, you never know when it starts!

The winner this time was Kelly W.Patterson and you can visit his blog here, it is called

I do believe that this autumn will be stronger than last year when it comes to the internet business, there are many promising signs for that now.I am glad when I can relate to my former post about good people, there are admins you can trust on, you only have to do a careful research to find them and their opportunities they may have founded if admin and founder are the same(not always).

There are signs which show more interest for long term programs and that is a good thing, you know.We need to see more stability in this niche so this is the way to go and the opportunities I recommend are there for a reason, they are trustworthy.

To be good-stay away from the evil
To be glad-better than being sad
To stay healthy-it´s a gift but do recieve it
Take the next step-You have to open the right door
To finish your plan-necessary for the future
Aim high-but be realistic

Dear friend, look into peoples hearts!

To share some wise words and expressions along the way is healthy for the soul.We need them to grow, they are like food for the soul.

Until next time, take care...  

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