Monday, August 9, 2010

The Tip For Today

We have a weekly contest every week and if you are eager to participate you have to join Get Your Blog Followers.

This week´s winner is Cassidy Webb and you can follow her blog here, it is called Webweaver.

She is doing bookreviews on her blog so if you are an author you should visit her blog and make a comment.

My primarily tip today to those who want to make money is 

-Don´t be too eager to sell-

Invite your potential customers first, let them see your products or services, let them check it out, give them time, don´t push too hard and don´t demand them to give something in return.Then the chances are bigger to make your sale later.

If this is your strategy, they will feel their freedom and if you show them respect, then they will feel that they are well treated by you.This is so important cause many times networkers who haven´t made a single sale or very few feel some sort of panic before the first sale or with too few sales.There you have a mission to create confidence, not with hype, but with true facts and smart marketing strategy.

For more tips on this visit my marketing site here and if you are interested to be my client on this, contact me by my gmail there.

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