Monday, September 20, 2010

Develop Writing Skills

Bob Scotney won the contest again and you can visit his blog Bob´s Home For Writing.

He has 16 followers now so take the chance to be one of his followers and read one of his exciting posts.

Some updates on here.It is now 443 members and it is growing fast.I have cycled 26 times and will either be making a withdrawal when I have reached 10 dollars or make a repurchase which I probably will do.I have earned 6.20 dollar there. 

That is one of several income streams in my business overall.I am an affiliate in those kind of opportunities or an investor in the funds.
grammar Pictures, Images and Photos

Our group Get Your Blog Followers has 974 members now and you should join to share your vision for blogging with other talents.It is a possibility to develop your writing skills and you should take every chance to shape up your language and grammar. 


MyBrownBagChick said...

This is AWESOME! I Just joined, and there are TONS of cool blogs there, I'm having so much fun checking them out and following them!!


Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Ali!

That is the meaning and purpose with the group.