Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Do you care about others?

I heard from a bloggerfriend that a friend of him passed away yesterday.Of course we care when that happens but shouldn´t more people care earlier? He lived on his own and I don´t know what kind of illness he had, but we should care about others more, that is for sure.

The EGO in this time is so obvious and selfishness is the lifestyle for too many.

Are your heart touched?

Who knows, it maybe you who is the loner next time with very few friends.If we have a few friends we should be thankful even if I count my friends online as well.Life is short, then heaven waits, or?

In today´s society we are so programmed with certain activities all the time that we hardly have time to spare to care for others and we know in our hearts that this is the most important issue.
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Try to write down who you should do something good for and act out from that conviction thereafter.

Do you expect more than the fantastic, or are you thankful for the tiny details in life? It seems like some people want that sensational to happen all the time and they nearly hunt for it.Slow down a bit and discover the sensational in the details instead, it is there but you don´t need to hunt for it.

Discover what you already have in your life cause it is there...
Discover the truth cause it will set you free!

It seems like most people have to rush into a wall before they discover that they have to discover their real capabilities in life and then we feel the satisfaction instead.

I am Mattias and I am on an adventure in life!


Paul S said...
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Paul S said...

Great post Mattias !
I think all our lives would be better if we tried to live by these sentiments.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Paul!

Yes, those principals sounds simple but as our world look like, they don´t seem so simple for many though...