Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Find The Best Expressions

What kind of advertising draws attention to your customers? What works and what doesn´t?

I know that I have written many advertisments that were not so good and I know I have created better expressions in others.You constantly need to examine what works and what doesn´t.This is a process but you should grow a bit quicker if you are learning from the masters.What kind of advertisments are they writing and why do they always draw so much of attention to their articles?

I have a tip.Always try to write an advertisment when you feel well and always try to write articles when you are in a good shape and when you have the right attitude.

If an advertisment doesn´t work one time, try to change it a bit with a more attractive expression the other time.I can tell you, I have had better results every time I have done this.

Be open to changes!

If you don´t earn enough of money in your business, try to change something! Educate yourself in an area where you have too little of knowledge, a simple truth!

This is the only way forward.

If you have a concept you believe in and which works, continue with it and don´t change so much.In that situation it could be a matter of continue building what you are already building on and extending it step by step.

Try to figure out what is the best for you cause we are different personalities so the ways may differ a bit.
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Dempsey Sanders said...

really good advice as always

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Dempsey!

Thanks for your good response!