Monday, September 6, 2010

How Do You Find It?

There is always a need to care for people during different disasters and Pakistan shouldn´t be an exception.

As we had our weekly contest at Get Your Blog Followers Bob Scotney won again and in fact, he is forwarding a task from a Greg McQueen to write about Pakistan in 500 words, read about it on Bob´s Home For Writing!

I will continue on my theme from yesterday about motivation.

How do you find it?

We are all blogging about our favorite topics and we are constantly searching for our motivation both here and there.

I find my best motivation by fellow bloggers when they are in their best mood! Then it´s like you give back what you have recieved from them in return!

It doesn´t have to be complicated.When you find your best inspiration, then start to blog and there you got it!

Attention! Inspiration!

Never write a post when you are in a bad mood cause it´s simply not uplifting!

Sure, the feelings go up and down but you have to catch that moment when you know you have something to form a topic around.

Three hearts for you this time!!
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Thank you for your time!   


Bob Scotney said...

Thanks for including the reference to Pakistan.

Mattias Kroon said...

You´re welcome Bob!

Tina D said...

Hi Mattias,

I agree 100%, I've gone to a couple of blogs that definitely has a very negative tint to them, all I could do was exit the blog, negative is not my style, :o).

Tina D

Mattias Kroon said...

It´s not my style either Tina! The most attractive way is to be positive.