Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Plan

I have played chess a lot in my life even if I haven´t played so much the latest years.I remember those games online were I got frustrated with the time running out in the blitz games where I had the better position.In other games I succeeded in converting my better position in a game to a final win.

Blitz games are the most common online while usual longer games are more common offline.

A game is a game and you have to face it, any business has a sort of "game mentality" in itself and that doesn´t mean that it is unethical, it means that you have to have the right strategy to win and that you have to have sufficient time to win the game.

You must have a business plan.Follow it and improve it.
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Some marketers claim that it is always easy to come up with the right strategy  but the truth is that it isn´t always that easy.You need to learn from other marketers and you need to improve your skills from day to day.

In other words, it takes some time.However, you could learn some skills a bit quicker depending on your own efforts. It isn´t easy to build up the needed strategy at once but as "the game" move forward you should see how you could win the game.

1.A Business Plan
2.The Right Strategy
3.Extend Your Network
4.Get Creative In Your Marketing
5.Do A Follow up Plan With Your Clients
6.Repeat The Process With Slightly Improvements

Those marks could be your success to build up the right strategy to "win the game". 

Update on my fundshares.

Recently I made a profit on my fundshares with 298.1 dollars and I am building up my shares in other funds.I am in profit again with 211.59 dollars.This is pretty good as the stock market has gone through much turbulence the latest months and I had to do some changes in my portfolio.My whole portfolio includes my earnings in other opportunities as well which you can check out to the right there.  


Gord said...

Hi Mattias,

Excellent's all about strategy in my book how you approach a game. We are both involved in a Game that pays as well with some "puzzle" work involved as well. That's where startegy comes in...fitting in positions like puzzle pieces that results in cash and more positions or "pieces".

Following a "Plan" is what it's all about


Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Gord!

I agree.You completed the article there:)