Monday, September 13, 2010

The Pulse Of The Media

Cormac McEvoy won this week´s contest in our group so you should check out his Art Blog!

My Name is Cormac McEvoy, I day dream. I went (1994-1997 ) to Art & Design High School in NYC. Then (1997 - 2001) to Fashion Institute of Technology for a BFA in Illustration, where I met my awesome Wife. after a few years of freelance I went back to F.I.T. and got a second BFA (2006-2008) majoring in Toy Design.

The pulse of the media that internet is has from the beginning been the freedom in itself.Not without regulations of course but like a pulse of freedom.

Freedom to speech is strengthening democracy and freedom for different arts is strengthening the culture.

Now we have different cultures in different nations but we can contribute to each other when we meet on the net.

Do you see the whole picture?

Internet has been designed from the beginning to be used in freedom but this freedom shouldn´t abuse the media!

As long as we have the attitude that we want to learn more then we have the right heart but when we think we have it all, then our hearts turn colder...
Freedom for art and expressions and freedom to show our love towards others:)

Don´t bury down your gifts but let them flourish and grow in the garden of imagination.Take one step at the time but run sometimes as well. 

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