Sunday, September 19, 2010

Security Tips

It is election times in Sweden and I have done my duty and voted for the party which I believe in.

Blogging can be vital for the democracy and you should use the freedom to speech you have with a common sense to express your opinions, if you have that on your heart.

Try to have in mind that you should include some keywords here and there when you are writing a post.It will do a lot to make your blog climb on the search engines.

Blog about yourself a little without giving out too much information cause you always need to be careful when you are online.You also need to have a guard against different threats online, this is for your own security.

Don´t click on everything in an email.If you see an unknown email, it is probably spam and you shouldn´t even open it.To click on an unknown link in an unknown email could destroy your whole computer, so have a guard as an user.Sometimes I am pretty amazed that I don´t see so much about safety on the internet.Of course, we want to read about positive things but occasionally we have to blog about online security as we know that there are many fraudelent efforts from bad people.
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However, I suppose you are one of the good guys so stay tuned for more positive posts here.But once again, I will always from time to time raise a red flag for things you have to avoid! 

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Dempsey Sanders said...

I opened an e-mail once, from a sender I didnt know, just the subject of the e-mail got me interested (can't remember what it was now) on opening it, my laptop crashed, and a host of virus's were on my laptop, took so long for me to sort out, and ruined much of my work, great advice here as always

Mattias Kroon said...
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Mattias Kroon said...

Yes Dempsey, it´s true.

I learnt early to be aware of those threats and have always kept them in my mind since then.I think we all have learnt from mistakes when it comes to this, so we need to remember the advises:)