Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anna Wall-The Fantasy Author

Anna Wall is featured in my post today due to her quick post when we reached the 1000 member milestone in in our group.She is a very talented writer and has also published a new book by now.

Visit her blog at

Her genre is the fantasy genre and I have read some of her very exciting stories and you will be caught in her excitiment, believe me! She is telling the story about her way to the first publishment of her first book and how it all started.Believe me, she is a talent for the future...

Have you ever wondered about developing your writing skills yourself? Ask Anna how to do....

For those who don´t know her so well take time to know her and read some of her fantasystories.She is also very talented on the grammar so you could get a good education on that at the same time.If you are not following her blog you should.

This is a good example how you have the ability to reach
interested readers and get new contacts in a group like ours.

Until next time, take care....


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