Monday, October 4, 2010


Bob Scotney guessed on the right person in this week´s contest.

So, get ready for some ghoststories at his blog, Bob´s Home For Writing!

We are having a new contest now in the group and that is a poetrycontest.The requirement is that your poem mustn´t be longer than 10 lines and the theme have to be "Creative Thinking".This contest is running this week, I will select the winner on Saturday and the price is to be featured on my blogpost on Sunday, to get extra exposure on the wall in the group and to get featured in a broadcast next week with an article that he or she has written.

If you are running a group or if you want to catch other networkers attention, you should set up some kind of contest.This should create some excitement around your blog.You should always be looking on new creative ways to catch peoples eyes and attention.

Run Your Blogmagnet!

Think about what you would like to read when you are creating a new post and act thereafter.

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