Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Evaluation Of Blogs

What do you search for when you are surfing around and looking for attractive blogs?

Is it the design of it? Is it the content in it? Are you only looking for cool pictures or do you want the latest, the most cool music on your friend´s blog?

There are a couple of questions that appears and you know what attracts you the most.Do you want it all?

Chances are that you try to include everything in your posts instead of focusing on the nische you are most interested in.Try to pick a topic and form your content around it.The alternative strategy is to pick the topic when you are summarizing your blogpost.If you find cool pictures, make sure you have the right to publish them.

One tip here.

Even if you are an expert on your specific music genre, for example, try to show that you have done real research around this topic you are writing about.This will make it more trustworthy.You could add your angle to it and even ask the reader some questions in your article to have a wise answer in the comment section, who knows?

This don´t come by demand but your readers will suddenly comment.

Just continue to build on this patiently and your results will increase.

Evaluate your blog and improve slightly from day to day.Don´t lose your patience but keep working on your blogging and get inspired by your fellow bloggers.


Paul S said...

Good advice as always Matthias.
I must admit I'm struggling with my blog at the moment, but your post has given me some inspiration.Thank you.

Mattias Kroon said...

Good Paul!

Always keep in mind that your struggling is the first step to something better and improve with patience.

Fatima Zahrae said...

That is exactly what I'm trying to do!
But it's taking a long time!
thanks for the tip, it gives hope.

Mattias Kroon said...

Ok Fatima.

It takes time for all of us.Appreciate the time.

Diana(the language that he used) said...

Thanks for the inspiration.
I just found the facebook page of the group "Get Your Blog Followers.

I have started an artjournaling blog a couple of times but never kept up- I had a live journal for years that I was very active in- still have it, not active at all except to post some artsy crafty eye candy now and then.

anyway, just started a new blog on Bob Dylan and the effects his lyrics/music has had on me and on the culture. I hope to get personal responses on AHA moments in people's personal lives from listening to Dylan.

Anyway- you have some thought provoking advice. What do I look for when I read Blogs, what kind of content and imagery grab me? Good questions to ask when posting on my own.
I know I tend to write very long posts- I think I have a form of hypergraphia- yet I often do not like to read very long posts unless the content really grabs me. I have to remember this.
Thanks, will be back- will be following and adding to my RSS feed.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Diana!

I was scrolling down amongst my posts and found your comment.I am glad you found our group and am also glad that you learned something worthful from my post:)