Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Forever Friends

Friends, friends forever friends.Are they here forever or are they gone when you need them?

True friends stay by your side in both good and bad times.They look into your eyes telling you that you are the most precious jewel on earth.

True friends could give their life for you, they want to serve you when you have given the best gift you have to them.

They want to protect you when the dark clouds are coming and they want to laugh with you when you have made your best and most talented speech.

Maybe you are not speaking to the whole nation but I am sure you have your circle of enthusiasts who are positive in a sense when you are bringing them to the garden of wisdom.

Since you were born you had in mind that you want to do this, you want to achieve something great.

Well, the time is here and now and the time is right for you to achieve what you once wrote down as your main dream and goal for life.

Have a great evening!


Paul S said...

You're right Matthias, you can never have too many friends.
Thanks for a really positive post.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Paul!

Friends are like the blood in the veins, you can´t be without them.

Gord said...

Friends are about helping each other through the bad times and sharing a laugh and having fun in the good times. In the end a bond that can last a lifetime. Good post Mattias


Mattias Kroon said...

Yes Gord.

Sharing with friends is the best.

Sarafan said...

great post, i feel with good friends like you buidling blogs will be fun,anyone want me to follow just leave a comment on my blog and i will do just that friends forever.i now follow your blog and hope you follow mine.//

Mattias Kroon said...

You are welcome Sarafan!

This creates a good atmosphere, doesn´t it?

The madrasi said...

great one....friendship is simply the best thing in life...this post reminded me of my friends whom i miss today..thank u