Sunday, October 3, 2010

Get Ready For The Club!

Time for some real good news! I got paid today from Gord who runs the very interesting GrandBankClub, a combined investment and surfing portal with a board game which is very interesting.

I invested with 40 dollars and got paid today with 25.90 dollars and if you scroll down amongst my posts you can find the payplan for the Club.When I have earned 65 dollars, then I will move up to the 75 board.It will take a while but it is worth it cause I know Gord, he is an honest and a very experienced admin.This Club will grow, it feels very exciting....

I have recieved some welcomed commissions in from a member living in the same town as I!

Good News!

I and Gord have known each other for quite a while.He knows other experienced bloggers that I also have respect for.We are often communicating through G-Mail and he is like a mentor for many networkers.He, like I, picks the best fruit from various models in this niche of investments, advertising companies, surfers, revenue sharing programs and some MLM:s.

Try to be flexible in your judgement of various models.Some works, some don´t, it often depends on the admin and of course on a fair model.

GrandBankClub works!

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