Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stick To The Methods That Works

Are you learning anything from experienced marketers?

I know how it was for some years ago.I was stubborned and would like to learn the most on my own.Of course as time went by I realized that there are networkers who have learnt more than I knew and I had to listen to them.Even if it is a learningcurve to learn the skills as an online marketer, I had to listen to others and take in what they knew.

As the selfconfidence grew I managed to take new steps and even start to show others how my system worked and how I  was thinking when I was marketing.

Is every new idea that comes by always good? Now I am generally writing here cause if that would be true, then we should see no crisis, constant improvements in online marketing, the curves would never go down and so on....

When it comes to online marketing we can see traditional methods that works and methods that aren´t that good.

One thing is crucial, you always need targeted traffic to your sites, a constant flow of targeted traffic.

Another crucial skill is definitely communication.I would also mention that you don´t need to overwork what you are doing,  you merely need to work smarter and not harder.If you always change things you are doing, even if you need to develop of course, chances are that the curve will go down instead of up for you.

If you have values in your life you want to stick to, why on earth must you abandon them? You don´t have to, it is your right to stick to them...

Development, yes! But don´t abandon online marketing methods that works for YOU!

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