Saturday, October 9, 2010

Trustworthy And Longterm

When I started to blog I hadn´t the faintest idea what I should write about but one clear idea came up in my mind.Why not write about something that keeps me interested? During that year poetry was the most interesting subject to write about and so I did.

I still have that interest in my life but other interests and an online business to take care of.Even if it is still parttime it keeps me more than interested.

My vision though is that it shall be more than parttime of course.I can only take one step at the time and that is enough, hehe....

I made a profit on my fundshares yesterday on 275 dollars.

They go up and down and you need advises on when you should buy and when you should sell.I will take a fee on 15 dollars if you need a lesson about this.Go to the contact page for info.I also want to give you advises on what fund you should pick.You should base your choice on Morningstar´s system.

It isn´t wrong to make affiliate commissions, it isn´t wrong with some kind of games but it is more stable to invest in something more real like funds, stocks or a healthproduct, for example.We always see examples and temptations in the business world where business people are tempted to act more on the short term and quickly get in and out from different programs.This will never give you a solid income stream, it is more like gambling where you can lose BIGTIME if you don´t watch out.We saw this scenario in the spring this year in many HYIP:s and many networkers never seems to learn from this but are falling back for those temptations again.Many of those admins in different HYIP:s are never investing in what they claim to either.

With that said there are exceptions amongst them where there are good admins as well.There is nothing wrong with investments as long as they are real and have honest admins.

The opportunities I recommend to the right there have good admins, be sure of that!

Find trustworthy, long term opportunities and stick to those! 

Balance Is Everything! 


Paul S said...

Sound advice Matthias!
I hope people listen you because it was bankers chasing short term profits that caused the current financial crisis around the world.

Mattias Kroon said...

Right Paul!

Thank you for your response on my advises.