Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Prosperity Game has now officially launched in U.S so Gord  could continue to place the 40 dollarpositions on the board again as he got the green light for doing that.

If you follow the strategy chart in his program you get paid with 25 dollars the first time and next time you get paid with 75 dollars and by that you are in profit.I am not an investor in The Prosperity Game but as GrandBankClub is connected to The Prosperity Game he had to wait for their launch in U.S to continue to place positions on the board again.Check GBC  for further information.The site has a surfer as well where you can submit three sites of your choice, but make sure it´s a legal opportunity where they are paying out and not a closed site.

Every successful opportunity needs outstream sources of income and other incentives as well and the PIF-POOL in Gord´s program is just that.You could win a draw there where you have chances to win a "free" 40 dollar position in the boardgame.The requirement there is a 6 dollar monthly payment with chances to win bonuses as well for getting in referrals.
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Gord is a good admin listening to active marketers.

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