Saturday, November 27, 2010

Different Parts Of My Business

In our group Get Your Blog Followers we use to have a weekly contest which now has become a weekend contest.

The purpose of this contest is to raise the activities on the wall there and give the blogger another opportunity to get exposure for their blogs.

The rules for the contest is as follows.I will share the initials for a famous person, either living or dead and you have to guess who he/she is.The prize this time will be additional exposure on one of my blogposts the coming week.This contest will start in our group after this update so be ready!

Remember, if you are a business man and are  blogging about your opportunities you can get traffic to your blog from our group and reach your customers that way.

I will recieve my third payment from ad2million and have recieved 70.60 dollars in total commissions so far.A mix from purchases from AlertPay , repurchases from the balance, direct referral commissions and bonus commissions have made this as a total there.After this and next payment I am in profit.

Get ready for launch in a few hours in Product Shares  an advertising company where you can purchase an ad package the first day for 15 dollars and this kind of packages never expire. 

Info about the company:

It's simple! We share the revenue with our members that have purchased product shares. For each product share you purchase, you'll receive text and banner advertising. Every time a product share is purchased, revenue is generated and we share those profits. You'll also earn 10% on direct referrals and 5% on indirect referrals. In addition, we'll be giving away at random, monthly, gift certificates to sites such as Amazon, WalMart, and eBay. Plus, we'll be having contests for cash prizes and laptop computers. You'll also be receiving paid memberships in other credible programs when you purchase 3 or more product shares in a single purchase (see down this page). Also, view our FAQ for more information. 

The Ivy Portfolio: How to Invest Like the Top Endowments and Avoid Bear Markets Pictures, Images and Photos
This is one part of my business.In the other about my fundshares I have more than doubled in one year and now I have 20 895.35 dollars in shares there.Even in a nervous economy like this (though Sweden is doing pretty good) I have made good profits from it.It has its ups and downs as the niche of the affiliate marketing I do but I will stick to my faith and vision for what I do.As I have recommended, go to Morningstar to find your market analyzis you need to invest in the most recommended funds and stocks.There you will find certain education to learn more about how to diversify your portfolio as well.


Priscilla said...

NEWEST follower!

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Priscilla!

Yes, I have visited your blog too and am following you.Your reviews and giveaways are most welcome in our community.