Friday, November 19, 2010

The Heartbeat

What makes a new innovation appear on the business scene?

There are numerous reasons but one main reason is of course, the need of development.But let us agree on one truth.If someone has a system which works, then there are no need to change it.Stick with what works and don´t change if there isn´t any reason to do that.

Don´t change a winning concept!

Are you a millionaire yet?

No, I am not but I have a diversified portfolio of affiliate marketing, purchasings of fundshares and other investments.It works and it´s just a matter of extending it and continue to build on what´s already working for me.I can´t predict everything but one thing is for sure, we are of various kind of persons and my belief is that we work in different ways online.We have to learn of more experienced marketers and then try to embed the ideas in a way that make sense for ourselves.

Continue to do what works for YOU!

Don´t have any respect for scamartists, but do have respect for those who show integrity in what THEY are doing!

This creates harmony and takes the bitterness away.We become satisfied as human beings and networkers if we recoqnize the soul behind the networker.We are spirit, soul and body and every part of us has to work in harmony to produce the results we are longing and striving for.

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