Saturday, November 13, 2010

Historical Innovations

New innovations are founded in every new generation and this generation is no exception.There are dozens of new opportunities founded evey day on the internet and this media in itself makes it possible for new entrepeneurs to step forward.

In the former generation the television was founded and there were those who were sceptical in the beginning telling that this was a work of the evil one.With a little more maturity people saw that it wasn´t the case but television as the media could reach out with good information, entertainment and historical views with different angles.

When advertising came in between the programs in my country there was a huge resistance in the beginning.I am sure that people eventually have seen how this can make it possible for advertisers to reach out with better products and at the same time raise the quality of many programs.Of course, there are crap there as well but I always want to focus on the quality of it.
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It is the same thing and reaction towards the internet.In the beginning people are afraid of using it and then as the development goes on in their lives and in the media people become mature enough to decide what is good or not for them.And new innovations come with it.Founders develop better programs, they have seen what works and not, they create new platforms for their businesses.

I for myself have seen the potential in running a blog as the best platform to gather what I do under one roof and to communicate in an interesting way to my readers.

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