Monday, November 1, 2010

Kind Of Logical?

I read an article today from blog catalog stating that it is 80% psychology and 20% writing skills to make your blog as attractive as possible.
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This may sound wrong for some bloggers who are very careful with their grammar and typos but honestly, they are right!

I have seen blogs with very little text and many pictures instead and they can be very interesting.Though we should consider blogs with quality content cause they can be very educational.Just be aware of the psychological aspect of blogging!

This opens doors for newbies who can grow and find their audience as well and find their likeminded when it comes to interests in life.

The key is, Write With Passion!

Of course, you need some writing skills but that is also what it takes to begin your journey.Put in some nice graphics which make it entertaining and useful.

Blogging has more aspects.If you want to throw out certain questions to your targeted readers you could get more response than you may expect.Find your thread and communicate.Just as psychology is important in a networkers efforts to reach his customers the poet must find his theme to make it exciting.

Kind of logical, isn´t it?
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Is it time for a cup of coffee? Hehe, there you go, psychological.What do you associate with coffee? Nice people to chat with? I think it is......



Paul S said...

Very interesting Matthias.
I'm a fairly new blogger so I'm still trying to find ways to make my blog attractive and any advice I can get is always welcome.
The good thing about blogging is that we can all learn from and support each other to help our blogs grow.

Mattias Kroon said...

True Paul.

I am learning from you as well:)