Monday, November 29, 2010

Marketing Strategy

It is time for an author to be featured in my blogpost today and her name is Joylene Nowell Butler and her blog is called One Moment At A time On Cluculzlake.

Go visit her blog, she is a very talented writer.She lives in Canada and amongst many others she has written a novel called Dead Witness and you can read about that exciting novel there.Make sure that you become a follower to her blog as well.

A little about this following thing....

Some networker may ask, "isn´t that a waste of time?"."How much money do you make from that?"

Let me tell you.I earn money online both as an affiliate and an investor but a lot of the marketing technique online has the aim of reaching customers by getting traffic to your sites and blogs.The group on FB Get Your Blog Followers  has this function but not only that.It´s a community within the community where you can share ideas with other bloggers and get the exposure that you need as well.I am allowing appropriate advertising there too so if you are a blogger and marketer you definitely should join our group there.
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As a creative marketer I like to have variation in my marketing.If I use traffic exchanges, social communities, emails or blogging I am always looking for ways of marketing that really works and are efficient ways.And as I am an investor of fundshares at the same time I have a solid foundation to stand on for further development of what I am doing.

Remember that only 3-5 % of all networkers online make it to fulltime online.Let´s be fair and mention that some of the rest are on their way to fulltime or maybe some only want to work halftime with it.Some like to have it as an hobby and then, yes, after that the rest have failed.We should have more proportions than we have or? Newbies aren´t nuts either....

If we could take care of those newbies in a more wisely manner than before in this industry we should see a lot of changes and create a more obvious win-win situation.Do what you can to train new folks in this industry so the risks decreases a bit.There are always risks with what you do but you should try to limit the risks.

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