Saturday, November 6, 2010


I joined a new program today called MegaShareXL.

They share 95% of all income with their members.If you become a paid member you can view a lot of bonuses on different advertising sites.

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They pay out 10% in referral commissions.

With this program we are going old school

You see years ago there was a $10 program that paid out over a MILLION DOLLARS to it's members. We set this program up the exact same way. �

Cost per position: $10
Referral Earnings: 10% on 1 level for purchases

Referral Earnings: 10% on 2 levels for re-investments

Every time you buy a share 87 people will Earn
Every time you re-invest earnings 87 people will Earn

Each position you hold will pay you over and over again the amount of money you can earn is only limited by the number of positions you hold. THE MORE POSITIONS YOU HOLD THE FASTER YOU EARN.
This is why we tell our members that unless they are re-investing their earnings for more positions they will only make a portion of what they could be making.

So, it is kind of "old school", but I will give it a try.

Remember that it is a very limited risk to start with only 10 dollars and here you are allowed to reinvest as you have enough earnings in your balance.


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