Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The New Path

As I have touched base with before, I am on a new path since about a year ago so in the short term it isn´t so new, but seen over the years it is a pretty new path.

Even if I market the best opportunities I can find I have chosen this new path to bring in new streams of income.And I want it legitimate all the way.Too many opportunities online are too shortterm and then the alternative is to find good funds or even stocks to invest in.Some are always pointing out bad examples when it comes to investments but if you do a real market analyzis following Morningstar´s  recommendations, then the potential increases to find the better funds with the most experienced investors.

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One fundcompany based in U.K I have started to invest in is called First State Investments and they are investing in gas, water and other companies around the world.

I always try to give the advice of diversifying.I have always followed this advice myself and from day one when I started with that strategy I have never regret it.

So, if you are looking for a way to add other real income streams to your portfolio you should look on the rigth places with the most experienced investors who are real and there are solutions for transactions as well.

From now on it is a question for me to add up this portfolio of fundshares as wisely as possible.To sell at the right time, to buy with timing and to change the shares into another fund with even more timing:)

With this said, I haven´t given up on affiliate marketing, no no, it´s noth that.However, there are too many shortterm opportunities out there.....

Contact me, I am your adviser all the day on what fund you should chose. 

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