Sunday, November 21, 2010

Poetry Contest

Hi Bloggers!

Starting off the 1 Dec. we will have a poetry contest.The minimum of participants must be at least 5 participants for it.The prize for the best poem will be dozens of downloadable quality products like e-books, healthy tips, games and business products, 1000 hits on one of the traffic exchanges I use and exposure on my blog as well.
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Send your poem to my gmail:

Those products are downloadable at SiteWealthAlertPay for a small fee of 3.25 dollars.Above this you get a chance to earn an income from this company if you promote it and you earn 0.50 dollars for each direct and indirect referral.First you have to register for AlertPay if you haven´t and transfer money to your account there.I will also give you the links to several traffic exchanges where you can promote that opportunity and you could use them for your blogsite as well.The exchanges are free to join.

The contest will go on til the end of the year so start to create your poem right now!

Here is the actual links, I would recommend to join them all:

You can set up those exchanges as your marketing system and market your blog and other sites as well, if you like.

If you have any questions on the contest just reply to this message in FB.



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