Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Power Of Traffic

You can´t get around this fact, there are no shortcuts.If you have a blog or website you need traffic to it.
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You can view the opportunities to the right, I am an affiliate for them.They as the fundshares I invest in are in the same portfolio which I am  extending all the time.

One of the opportunities there, ProductShares is in prelaunch right now so take your time to read about it.There will be interesting advertising products and other products to check out as well.I like the name of the company there, it shows that they want an obvious, productbased opportunity.

Do you have multiple income streams? Do you have several programs you need to market online? I run my blog for several reasons.One of the main reasons is that I want to blog about my business, of course and the other reasons are that I can gather what I do under one roof and combine it with blogging about other positive stuff from time to time that is of interest for me and my readers.

So now when you have a blog, how to get traffic to it?

For my advertising...

I use different traffic exchanges, I use social networks, occassionaly when I chat where I find it appropriate but I never spam anyone!

To have variation in your online marketing and be creative makes your advertising more powerful and interesting.You can place a widget for the statistics on how many visitors you have to your blog, I have done it.One main thing you got to have in mind when building up your traffic sources, don´t be distressed, do it right from the beginning!



Mike said...

How long did it take you to start getting a good amount of traffic in terms of weeks or months?

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Mike!

There are several reasons for the traffic.It has taken months for me, however I have focused on other sites to get traffic to as well.At some traffic exchanges I get good bonus credits as I have long downlines there.The main secret is to get the traffic from several advertising sites and communities.Check the different tips I am sharing on my blog.