Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Steady Growth Principal

What makes an opportunity solid?

There are several reasons.First I want to point out that if an admin, a founder has a concept that works, they shouldn´t change anything.

Never change a winning concept!

There are other reasons like "the steady growth principal".
In online business we can see opportunities come and go but there is one reason that makes a company solid and that is the steady growth.The design of the program is very important of course, but "the steady growth principal" is very important as well.

We have heard another reason, the admin is the program, and that is absolutely true.An honest admin is crucial.Those reasons are important together and you have to value it.

There has to be an obvious product or service included.Yet again, look at "the steady growth principal".Don´t look after the hype!
We have seen many programs grow to many thousands in a very short time but then ooopppsss..the growth was gone and the members fled to another company.

Call it company, cause it is what it is about.Your business has to be REAL!

Heading for 2011 we have to see this development in this industry to reach "the steady growth principal".

A good example of an opportunity that has this steady growth is 
ad2million, check it out!  


Gord said...

Certainly a principal I use Mattias. Enjoyed your previous article as well.


Mattias Kroon said...

Absolutely Gord.

That I have seen and that is the way.As you know, I appreciate your articles as well.