Friday, November 5, 2010

Strong Realities

We are living in a time where everything goes faster and faster and there is no stop-button for people to stop by and think a while what they are doing.

Shouldn´t you think a while about what you are doing? Are you spending your time wisely? Have you got any time for your family and best friends?

Value your time cause time=money, (he he, couldn´t resist  writing it).

Your attitude will show you where your heart is.What is there? Good attitudes towards others or not so nice thoughts?

I suppose you are a kind fellow who wants to change this world to the better.

Then start doing your part of it.Change your attitudes and clean up amongst the wrong attitudes in your heart.You cannot afford to put your energy in bad thoughts and even if you are upset sometimes you have to calm down.We all have to face situations where we have to win some kind of battle and do it in the right way.Use the weapon of love!
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Forgive those who harm you and again, put your energy in positive thoughts and expressions.Think about those expressions a while:

1.Open the next door
2.Discover the potential in the life!
3.Start to talk in a more positive way (it isn´t easy, I agree)
4.Don´t dig too much in the past
5.Open the next two doors to the promised land

You got the point?

This isn´t utopia, it is realities.

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