Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bring In The Profits

I made a profit today on 212 dollars on my shares in an asiafund, the fundcompany is placed in U.K.Of course I could have wait longer but you know, you must have a "timing" in what you do.It is better to bring in the profits before the shares have gone down again.This doesn´t mean that I have started to work online with a shortterm perspective, not at all, but you must make some decisions on the short term depending on how your earnings are developing.Other times you have to wait several months or a year to bring in profits with other fundshares.

This is where the timing comes in.
Strategic Profits Pictures, Images and Photos

I still believe in The Long Term Income but as mentioned, depending on how the earnings are developing you have to make some decisions on the short term as well.

This is online business whether it is revenue shares from advertising companies or from fundshares.I don´t know how YOU are working online but make sure that your system works cause otherwise you have to change it so it will work for YOU!

Read an article about how the experts believe that the market will develop next year: Jobs report sets back recovery hopes.

Whether you are looking for your job opportunity online or offline make sure you are looking for something real which will help you to recover financially and search for good advises to bring in stability for you financially.


Paul S said...

Thanks for the link Mattias.
That's an interesting article but it sounds like very bad news for people who are going to be looking for a job in the new year!

Mattias Kroon said...

Could be depending on where you are searching Paul.The topic talks about some hope.