Thursday, December 16, 2010

Call It Blogland

It is good that the sign ups I get is a result of the traffic I get to my blog.As you can see I have a counter on the right side which counts how many visitors I get to my blog overall.
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This is very important cause you don´t want to run a blog with very few readers but rather many? Then it is an art to keep the interest and attraction amongst your readers so they won´t lose interest for your articles.

Work on it, improve it and you should even ask your readers what they would want to read the next time? Not a bad idea to maintain what you have and get more feedback on it.

Call it blogland, call it blogpower.Mention important keywords and strive for freedom!

Do you have a free soul? Is it important with freedom to speech for you?

I am asking some questions and expect some thoughtful answers in the comments, hehe....all for the communication!

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