Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Entertainment Factor

It is a question of energy, it is a matter of motivation!

When you are blogging you have to find the energy to a new blogpost, you have to find the motivation.

The experts are claiming that blogging is a matter of psychological knowledge to 80% and the rest is writing skills.

Do you agree on this?

I would agree that it is to around 70%, then you have to found your post with facts, writing skills and other knowledge as well.

But if you haven´t got "the entertainment factor" there, then very few want to read your posts.
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You got to have that factor alive within your content and include interesting graphics as well.Make sure you are building on facts cause only hype won´t take you anywhere and you want to be considered a serious writer, won´t you?
Understand "the psychological factor" and make the best of it.Understand why those factors are so important and write your next post from this perspective.The writer, author with very good skills has, of course, great use of that too and don´t be concerned about this now, if you are talented blogger then people will recognise you as a gift to the world.

I know, you wonder why some of your posts recieve few if any comments at all and why other posts recieve more.The answer to this isn´t always so given on forehand.You can have a lot of readers when you don´t recieve a single comment and vice versa.The best way to find out if your posts are recognised is to have a counter but not only that.Ask your audience if they can give some feedback on your posts so you can get a picture what kind of content that causes the most of attention.   


Ram Santosh said...

very truly said ,its not abt what you write but all about how you write..
not about wether you follow or not..but how you follow.
this comment would have meant much to you had i written a 'nice one '
you read it coz of how ive written it
by the way excellent post Mr.Kroon!

Mattias Kroon said...

True Ram!

It is better to write a constructive comment like your´s than just to write that it was a "nice post".Constructive comments are more developing...

Mattias Kroon said...
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