Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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Money, money, money...must be funny in the rich man´s world...

Sounds sweet, doesn´t it?

The reason for this blogpost is absolutely crucial.If you haven´t got a passion for the product or service you are an affiliate for in this business, you will fail.If your only interest is the money in itself you may succeed on the shortterm but in the long run you will fail.

This is the reason why most networkers are losing money more than they are coming in profit.This is the reason why we have to see a new fresh trend in this industry, namely a product or servicebased trend.

It is absolutely crucial that you are having this balance cause when money becomes the "  only thing"   and that becomes your only interest you are losing the joy of what you are doing.

Well, if advertising is the product you are buying, then you should have a passion for advertising overall and the money will come as well.If a healthproduct is the product you are burning for, find out facts about that product and you will see the results as well.

This is crucial and you need to see the difference!

I want to give the advice, buy that next e-book for 10 dollars next time and read that course cause I can assure you, there are good courses here and there and they are well worth the money.Educate yourself in funds and stocks if that is your passion cause you will see the difference with better knowledge!

Knowledge Is Power!

In the beginning of this year we saw a very sound investment model called Genius Funds which wasn´t a typical HYIP but an investment with a lower risk and I came in profit in that program.Their model was connected to two very strong external funds and that is the most sound model to have.A founder which can proove that he is investing in something real just as a regular fund.They had an affiliate program in it too.The reason it was taken down was that some crazy investor invested in an unreasonable high amount of money and then people starts to talk.....

Unfair against a very good admin and investment.

If we are going to see more of those better opportunities, then the requirements are as follows:

1.A long term perspective
2.A smooth, fair and smart model
3.An experienced admin
4.A "roof" for different investment plans
5.A security plan
6.A proof of the product, sercive or investment on the first page

There might be more on this list but I want to see better trends in this industry, more of productbased business.

Don´t let fear rule but faith instead!


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