Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Keep A Winning Concept

How should you as an affilate make a system so you both can purchase adpackages/positions and withdraw when it is time for that in a sustainable program?

If you are a member of ad2million for example you know that this is a program which is growing from day to day with 2679 members by now.For my readers who don´t know about this program I can tell you that this is an advertising company where you purchase advertising positions in a cycling system.The more positions you have, the more you will cycle and you earn 2% constantly on every position when it cycles. 0.2 dollar on a 10 dollar purchase, for example.
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Therefore it is exciting to see this accelerate with more positions and you can get in profit rather soon with YOUR right purchase/repurchase strategy.It has an advertising portal where you submit your site of your choice as well.With more positions you get credits towards your advertising.

So, what kind of strategy should you have?

1.Purchase a position/positions from Alertpay
2.Submit your site as an offer to others
3.Let it grow up to 10 dollars in your balance
4.Repurchase until you have 3-4 positions and then make a withdraw.
5.Let it grow up to 10 dollars again 2-3 times, make repurchases and then make a withdraw again.
6.Repeat this process and make sure you will get in profit in the program.You have to break even first and then you are in profit after that.Check out how many positions you have bought from Alertpay.If it is for 50 dollars, then you have to withdraw at least 50 dollars to break even and then you are in pure profit after that.

As long as there are a sustainable growth in the program and as long as we are having this 2% earnings on every position we should see this flow in this excellent business opportunity.
You don´t need to sponsor anyone to earn but you can earn additional, reasonable commissions on paying members you have sponsored.

If every member should have a strategy like this we should see many, many opportunites be able to be online for the long term.However, there are always temptations to mix things up and temptations to complicate a well working system.I can´t see any reason to change a system which works well and which have a smart design already from the beginning.

There are only reasons to change any system which haven´t a winning concept.

Thank God for those logical admins who are smart enough to work out a system which works and who are smart enough to stick to it!

Ps.You could use the same language in any physical business.Ds.


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