Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The smooth structure

You have seen that I am often blogging about the long term perspective? Let´s look into the smooth structure of a program.

The DNA-system has got a genius and smooth structure in itself.Why not always strive for a smooth and well planned structure in different programs?

DNA Pictures, Images and Photos

And you have seen that I have pointed out some very important requirements to reach that goal.Here comes another very important thing in that "debate"...

It seems to me that programs like ad2million which keeps a sustainable flow of a daily return of 2% has got that sustainable flow in their system.A smooth flow, a sustainable growth too...
If you log in and check the growth you can see that it keeps a sustainable growth, it is like an exponential, smooth curve up.

Now it isn´t only that.But to keep on doing what is working and make some improvements here and there where it is necessary(only if it is necessary), that is common sense.

So, what to do if a program slows down?

Don´t just lay all the blame on the admin.Don´t "leave the ship" immediately but find better ideas and continue to promote it.If you have seen the potential in it you shouldn´t "give it up" right away and flee to another ship.We have seen enough of this as well.

It is natural that members want to have functional programs with a good return as their priority but count on times where things are slowing down as well.Then you have to decide on if you should help the admin or if you would "abandon the ship".

As I mentioned, if you have a certain opportunity on your heart, if you have seen the potential in it, then don´t give it up but be patient enough to keep on until you can see a stronger flow again.

Product Shares is such a program.It hasn´t got a "rocket start" but you have to look on the long term again.Check out the sound structure in it.Enough of products in it, a good admin who have experience with a long term perspective.Don´t abandon this program but give it a chance to grow and we should see the results.

The internet business isn´t any kind of utopia.It requires hard work for the results you want to achieve and you should put value in a sound structure, a more productbased structure in a specific program than you do.

Do you hear me?


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