Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Strategy Works

I have made additional profits on my fundshares lately and this has definitely become the backbone of my business.

Heading for christmas and the end of the year I want to summarise.

In the beginning of this year I thought that we would see a new trend of more long term HYIP:s than before.That wasn´t really what we saw.The most of them have fallen due to the fact that the most of them are plain scams and admins with bad ethics.Many of them are scamartists and not real investors.

Stay away from them!

As this year went by I more and more realised that my fundshares will be the backbone of my business.Not that I will quit affiliate marketing but I realised that I needed something more and therefore the focus on fundshares.You don´t need to bring in referrals to regular funds where you invest but you need some good capital to invest with.

I am firm in my belief that you got to have a system of diversifying when it comes to investing in funds.Where average people think that it is a lottery to find the right funds I always base my decisions on what Morningstarrating they have.It may be hard to see this from the beginning but the more marketanalysis you are doing the more you become familiar with those facts.

Read on investmentsites like fidelity  and you will learn about strategies for investing in funds and stocks.Education is crucial for you!

I found this site in a search on google.It is a marketplace for  investments and business opportunities.

Of course, you can get a good ROI in many advertising opportunities as well and the better and more developed their models become the more chance you have to get in profits in those.
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Advertising is and will always be a huge income source for talented marketers online.When we are reaching 2011 I would believe that we will see a push forward for many companies where it has slowed down a bit before christmas.However, I am doing very fine with my fundshares even in the cold December.

The strategy works! 

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