Monday, December 6, 2010

You need those advises

You may have read about Bob´s Home For Writing by now and if so, you are already familiar with Bob´s work.He is also a member of Writelinkers.

Now, he is also a moderator in our group, Get Your Blog Followers.

When I logged into FB today and surfed to the grouppage I saw that we are 1071 members by now and this is a valuable group and opportunity believe me.It creates traffic to my blog all the time.We bloggers have the opportunity to meet bloggers of different interests, authors, business people and newbies as well.We meet to chat, to exchange ideas about RSS-Feed, to discuss different topics.This is at the same time very inspiring and educating.We are reading poems in the group and are reaching out to customers who are interested in the opportunities we are marketing there.

Let me tell you an important thing here.

There are always those who want to tell you that they and only they have got the only opportunity that works on this planet...

This is of course, wrong.They only want your attention and maybe they are afraid to lose their members who might go somewhere else to find another opportunity instead.

This is the wrong strategy, at least for me.Although I am aware of the competition online I don´t have time to warn for every program here and there.Then I would not have time to do anything else.When I am aware of dangerous scamartists then I want to warn you about them but I have to focus on the opportunities that are working for me and recommend those with targeted marketing.We can´t stop every scam but we can surely make it harder for them if we chose the right and the most longterm, legal opportunities instead!

Use your common sense! Does it sounds too good to be true?
Are they offering a ridicolous high daily return on investment? Then avoid them...

Don´t be confused!
funny-pictures-cat-advises-you-to-look-next-time.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos

One thing is clear for me.If admins are paying and have plans to be a long time online, if they have a clear product or service included, if you can contact the admin and the design of the program is enough, then the green light is on.Of course, now before christmas you have to be aware not to jump on everything but doing your research on forums and on google.

If you have to enroll many, many members in a specific program to even start to earn, if you have to fill a matrix to even start to earn, spoil that kind of programs immediately! Don´t waste your money on them! That kind of admins only want YOUR money!
Search for the win-win programs. 

Don´t spend more than you can afford to lose!   


Jodib said...

Well said, too many scams going on today. Look at the big picture and think legit and long term!!

Mattias Kroon said...

I totally agree Jodib, that´s the motto!