Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We had a contest at Get Your Blog Followers and 
Douglas Wolfe won the contest with three right answers of three.You can visit his blog here:

Interactive WebDesign Blog 

Douglas is blogging about the tools you can use to get a professional webdesign on your blog or site.Remember that you don´t have to pay that much to get a fresh webdesign.

The contest idea is very smart if you want to create a "real happening" around your blog.It´s not only followers you want but regular readers to your blog, right? There are tries of giveaways and similar ideas, sometimes good, other times not so good.

And now you are expecting that I should blog about another opportunity to buy ad packages, not this time.I am already recommending opportunities that work in the right column there and am promoting them.It is better to stay in them as long as possible than to register for anything else.

I am convinced that my system of long term thinking is the right way.It may not sound so exciting in the ears of those who seek the "fast cash" but it is the right way for me.

The contest idea should of course include a prize such as a giveaway of a product, traffic to someone´s site.Another idea could be that you give away an upgrade in a program that you are promoting and there you have your paying member in that opportunity!
Let Imagination Spread Pictures, Images and Photos

Use your own imagination to create attraction around your website or blog and don´t limit yourself!

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