Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Like Your Blog

Do you blog out from an interest or are you only addictive?

It´s good to examine the heart in what you are doing from time to time.It has to be fun to blog it has to be somewhat entertaining but is this all? No, it has to be well written and hopefully educational too.
Comments come and go, you seems to lose motivation and maybe you stop blogging one day.
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Never give up!

Take your time, get the feeling for the next blogpost and you´re there again! Develop your skills and continue to blog slightly improving from day to day.There has to be some reason why your traffic decreases to your blog and you have to increase it again.

Our group on Facebook Get Your Blog Followers  has the aim for the blogger to get followers so here you have a real opportunity to get quality traffic to your blog.When I am reading about different tips to get more of this and more of that I have recognised that they often miss this very crucial point, the issue of traffic.

Therefore I combine this group which I have founded with some good traffic exchanges as EasyHits4U.However, you can´t combine that service with googleads, remember that.You should also consider to pay for some advertising on ad2million.Then you can submit your site as an offer to others and get paid by buying advertising positions and get credits towards your advertising.More and more internet users are looking for their opportunity on the net but then it is also important to find those that really deliver and are the most long term ones.

So, traffic to your blog is crucial besides having the attraction in your content that draws real attention and causes a good chainreaction.

Have some selfrespect and do yourself a favor, learn from those who never quit!


Paul S said...

Thanks for this inspiration Mattias.
I must admit there are some days where I think I might give up blogging in the near future.
Sometimes it's good to take some time to think about why you are blogging and what you hope to achieve and you're right once you've started something you should never give up.

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Paul!

Then it´s good to find the motivation again.We are all humans.You are giving me inspiration, think about that!